Hodad's Autorama

   We care about our customers
We have a lot of fun here, which means our car owners are happy.  We cost less than the other guys.  A lot less.   And our formula is simple.  We have no overhead... there is no rent, there are no employees, there is no advertising.  We work by appointment only... that too keeps the cost down.  Most all of our cars come from long standing relationships with the sales managers at New Car Stores so you know that the cars have got some life left in em.  All the cars at Hodad's are priced between $999 and $2999.  Call us at 405-344-7140 and let us know when your coming because we work by appointment only.  
Hodad's Autorama ® 23153 State Highway 76 in Blanchard, OK 73010
Secret to our success?